Factors to Consider When Choosing a Portable Canvas Cover

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When looking for a portable canvas cover to use at your event, there are so many factors to look into. This equipment is available in numerous varieties, with the varying designs meant to fit into particular settings and to serve specific purposes. Here is a breakdown of things you should consider.

The surface

Find out in advance the nature of the ground that will serve as the venue. Will it be on plain grass, asphalt, concrete, or wood deck? This will inform your decision between the framed or pole covers. The mounted type is much easier to setup as it can be placed on any surface. The same can’t be said about the pole design because they require you to do some digging.

Number of guests

The number of guests will impact on the size and nature of canvas cover. More visitors translate to a bigger equipment. Whether they will be seated or standing should also be clarified because chairs and tables will take more space compared to if the guests were standing. Make sure you have an approximate figure of people who will be attending before you start shopping around. Incorporating the services of a professional could help a lot.

Space available

Do you have enough room to accommodate the marquee comfortably? Take into consideration the space for chairs, tables, stage, dance floor, mini bar, among other features. Not forgetting the number of guests mentioned above.

The time of hosting the event

Lastly, be clear about the date of hosting the event. The equipment you go for should be able to withstand the conditions at that given time. For instance, if it is a night time event, you should think about light and heat installations. On the other hand, your guests may appreciate a transparent top cover which enables them to enjoy the night sky view.

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